Please join us on April 29th to watch the following contestants compete in Hamilton Idol 2017:




Olivia Burch


Jadyn Fynewever


Bennett Pemberton


Sierra Prince



Middle School:

Matthew Beatty


Sage Doeden


Cheri Dykstra


Grace Ludema


Carlyn Otte


Annika Van Buren



High School:

William Beatty


Ethan Garcia


Lukas Phillipi


Grace Ruiz


Kora Ruiz


Jessica VerBeek


Sydney Quillian




Lindsay Pate


Peri Phillipi


Rachel Quillian

The audience will vote for their favorite in each age category



·         To celebrate and give recognition to outstanding singers in the Hamilton, Michigan area.

·         To raise funds for the Hamilton Vocal Music Program.



·         Registration deadline is April 11

·         You can register online or download and submit this form completed with entry fee of $15

·         You can pay the registration fee online securely through PayPal by clicking here  (A $1 service fee will apply).

Auditions: Saturday, April 15, Hamilton High School Auditorium, morning and/or early afternoon

·         Please indicate your time preferences on the registration form so we assign you a time that works for you.

·         Audition Times will be determined in advance. You will be contacted with your time.

Saturday, April 29: Performance by Top 20 Contestants, Audience Vote, and Awards


          Auditions and Finals will take place at Hamilton High School Auditorium, 4911 136th Ave, Hamilton Michigan.


Who May Enter?

·         Anyone who lives in the Hamilton school district, or attends Hamilton through school-of-choice may enter this competition.

·         There are no age limits for this competition; if you can sing, you can enter!

·         Contestants who have participated in previous Hamilton Idol contests are welcome again!



Age Categories

Contestants will be divided into the following four age categories:

·         Elementary School (Kindergarten - 4th Grades)

·         Middle School (5th grade – 8th Grades)

·         High School students (9th-12th Grades)

·         Adults (post-high school)

There will be at least three members from each age category in the top 20 finale performance and one winner from each category.


The Process:

Saturday, April 15:

·         Contestants will perform a portion of a song that is 60 seconds or less. It can be any genre, but must have family friendly lyrics. This audition is a cappella – no accompaniment of any kind.

·         Anyone may watch the auditions for a $5 entry fee.

·         At the end of auditions on Saturday, April 15, the judges will determine and announce the top 20 performers.

Saturday, April 29:

§  Everyone who auditioned on Saturday, April 15 is invited to sing in a group song at this performance. Info will be distributed at auditions. Anyone who sings in the group song can watch the finals for free, but needs a ticket to vote for the winners.

§  The Top 20 contestants will perform for a live audience. The song performed on April 29 MAY be the same song performed for auditions, but instead of being a 1-minute excerpt, would be the FULL song with accompaniment.

§  General Admission Tickets for Finals cost $8 each.

§  Audience members will vote for their favorite performers in each age category.

§  There will be a winner for each age category. After those winners are announced, there will be a second vote to determine who will be named this year’s Hamilton Idol!



·         A $50 cash prize will be awarded to the top performer in each age category.

·         The Hamilton Idol overall winner will receive an additional $100.



§  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact vocal music directors Mrs. Holly Israels (,  Mr. Paul Connelly (, or Mrs. Becca Weller (





Thank you for supporting the Hamilton Community Schools

Vocal Music Program.